I made this for you!*


Edith, sweetie, I know your mom and dad probably don’t let you hang out on the internet yet, but I’m guessing you’ll know more about it than we do by the year 2020. So, when you’re bored and start searching for distractions, I hope this list comes in handy.

These are the books that make you totally undatable. Harsh, I know, but someone has to tell you, right? You can trust me to be honest about these things. (I’m sure you won’t even be able to find half of those books, and you should consider that a blessing.)

If you don’t love Emma Stone already, please go watch her old movies (2012 and earlier…I can’t speak to the rest of her work at this time) and learn to love her. Deal?

Whether or not I’m single when you find this list, I will still have a lot of thoughts on the subject. They’ll probably sound a lot like this person’s thoughts, because that will mean I am full of wisdom. (Thanks, Andrea, for sharing that link.)

At some point, we’ll have to read Lilith together and discuss it. I haven’t read it as of this posting, but I’m guessing I will by then.

On Giving Your Photography Clients Copyright – I wouldn’t be surprised if your mom makes up songs about this type of thing and sings them to you when you’re fussy. Stop being fussy. Photographers, stop giving away all your photo rights!

omg, EDITH! HAVE YOU READ JANE EYRE YET!? It’s okay if you haven’t – I didn’t read it until I was in my mid-twenties, and it was EVEN MORE AWESOME BECAUSE OF THAT! (FYI if your version of the book was filled with text messages like that link…you are reading the wrong version. Also, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is NOT the original!)

The Batesville Store, may it rest in peace, has been replaced (in Batesville, but not in our hearts) by another cafe.

Here are some good lessons on being an adult, from a local friend who has a GORGEOUS blog header!

*Sometimes it’s easier to be bossy when you have someone to talk to. If you’d like to offer suggestions for future recipients, I’ll hear them. (No idea what I’ll do after hearing them.)

By the way, Edith, you’re a cute baby. Keep up the good work!


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