we need to talk

talk about my hair

I’m excited about this photo. Don’t I look so official? And like I’m about to write some editorial for a magazine?

Well, I’m not. You know it’s all lists and ramblings up in here.


The next time you see me – unless you run into me tonight, or tomorrow morning when I’m getting some coffee (would you stop stalking me already?) – my hair will be EIGHT INCHES SHORTER!

I know.

1. I love a drastic change! Everyone exclaims!
2. When my hair is long, I worry about dating guys who are obsessed with long hair and who will freak out if I cut it. (Stay away from me, guys who are obsessed with long hair!)
3. I wanted to see how long it would grow. And now I have. So…that’s something.
4. My hair looks MUCH better than I expected it would. It’s lovely, but I don’t really love it.
5. There are only two or three inches of guaranteed awesome curl with my hair, and they tend to be at the ends. So right now those awesome curls are hanging above my chest, instead of framing my face. (My eyes are up here, you know.)
6. I still consider myself to be a short-hair person, and want to get back to that.
7. Cutting eight inches means I’ll get to donate my hair!
8. Based on my calculations, losing eight inches will still keep my hair chin-length or longer.
9. I AM GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH MORE FREE TIME! No more brushing my hair obsessively, or deep-conditioning it so the ends look healthy, or reaching halfway down my back to rinse my hair, or cautiously flipping and scrunching my hair after the shower, or walking to work with hair that is still basically dripping wet…
10. My hair is going to look like this again:


There were so many more of these. I am sparing you. Just know that I’m looking forward to more good hair days.

9 thoughts on “we need to talk

  1. Thank God we are talking about your hair again. I thought you were done with these posts. And btw, I love it, and you, and I’m going to need some pictures of Maggie’s new ‘do.

  2. I mean, every time I talk about my hair, I feel like I have to warn people. (In my mind, this blog is filled with rocket science and theology, and talking about my hair is somehow below the standard fare.)

  3. (You guys, I thought those were going to reply directly underneath the posts. I think everyone can figure out which response is their, right?)

  4. When I first read you were cutting your hair I was thinking No! No! But the reminder photos below made me change my mind! Can’t wait to see the new look :)

  5. Ha ha ha. It turned out much shorter than those reminder pictures, but that just means I have lots of time to enjoy my hair as it grows.

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