Universities are supposed to be special places where we let young people imagine a better world. They are supposed to be able to delay the pressures of the daily grind for a few years. They are supposed to be able to aspire to greatness and inspire each other. A tiny few will aspire to be poets. Many more will aspire to be engineers. Some will become both. Along the way they will bond with friends, meet lovers, experience hangovers, make mistakes, and read some mind-blowing books.

Does that sound wasteful? Does that sound inefficient? Nostalgic? Out-of-sync with the times? Damn right it does. But if we don’t want young people of all backgrounds to experiment with ideas and identities because it seems too expensive to support, we have to ask ourselves what sort of society we are trying to become.

-Siva Vaidhyanathan

You should read the rest of this article at the source.

I’ve kept fairly quiet about the events of the past few weeks, mostly because I consider myself to be an anonymous bureaucrat and know that those most invested in the long-term health and reputation of a university are the tenured faculty and the alumni. They pulled it together, made the proper fuss, and really accomplished something. I hope they continue to accomplish somethings for this place, because as much as I try to be a heartless, mercenary administrator, I love when academics fight with their words, and I really do think this inefficient, illogical organization brings the people that make this city as great as it is.

Okay, back to shuffling papers.

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