I made this for you!


Confession: I’ve been wanting to put text on photos for years. But I’ve been too scared/lazy to start. There’s a free feature in Flickr that lets you make dorky edits, and even though it’s supremely limited, I’m going to start there, and when I’m frustrated enough to learn something more complicated – like, say, using that Photoshop I totally own – these might start looking more interesting. Until then, these are what I’m comparing myself to. (Ira Glass is reminding me not to worry about it.)

I admire Rachel’s blogging so much – she is great at setting clear vision and running with it – and I *love* the site she made for her son. Hilarious photos! Poems! Ideas to ponder! It’s always a delight. (Also, if I ever move to Portland, it’ll probably be her fault.)

AB Chao is hilarious. If you haven’t already heard that from me, you’re probably not paying attention.

“It’s a sleepy, rainy Saturday afternoon kind of film, sweet but not too heavy-handed, and more cozy than it is enjoyable.”

-Review for Seeking a Friend at the End of the World. From Pajiba, which is where I go when I want to know whether a movie is worth watching. (Warning: a lot of objectionable content on their site.) I’ll definitely want to watch this with a friend, since it sounds like perfect fodder for rainy day discussions.

Some great advice on how to give bad news to a client. Pair it with a few thoughts on apologies (some fluff in that article, but enough good stuff to link anyway).

Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion – I might have to track down this book. (Oh hey, here’s an excerpt.)

Theory: Emma Stone is a 48-year-old man. Discuss!

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