June Report

What have I been up to? Let’s see if I can remember…

A few weeks ago, I started my summer house-sitting gig. They told me I could eat anything in the fridge, which turned out to be a pretty sweet haul. I’d like to think they purchased this Miller High Life (the Champagne of beers, you know) just for me.


They also told me to cut from their hydrangea bush as often as I’d like.

In response to their hospitality, I’ve filled their house with boxes.

boxes everywhere

So, that’s one other thing I’ve been up to this month – boxing up and moving everything I own. It’s not my favorite of tasks, but I’ve been compulsive dedicated. This weekend will bring the last haul – larger pieces of furniture, the last boxes.

I’ve made a few other additions to their house. The den has been converted into my craft room.

I bought some new fabric to celebrate!

(I’ll probably stare at those stacks for a good long while before breaking into them.)

This past week, I caught the flu! It was very exciting, since I rarely have fevers. I was wandering around the house looking so pitiful, you’d think I had a Man Cold.


A friend brought me soup, crackers, medicine, and a copy of US Weekly! I thought I was too classy for tabloids, but I read that article about the secrets of Wills & Kate’s marriage the moment she left. In slightly (only slightly) less sensational reading, I’m nearly halfway through Les Miserables.

When I wasn’t moping in bed, I was watching Netflix and crafting. I’ve hit my stride again with the cathedral window quilt.

three blocks

Oh, and one other thing I accomplished this month? Launching a TimeBank.

3 thoughts on “June Report

  1. You are awesome! I saw the pic of boxes on flickr and was going to yell at you until you gave me an update. But now I see you’re well taken care of (MILLER HIGH LIFE! Total win!) I won’t yell at you (today). Timebank! Way to go! I think that’s the same concept behind Calgary Dollars.

    Luf you Mags! I’d very much like to see you again soon.

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