books before 2011: A Million Little Pieces

Every time I picked it up, I felt like I was defying Oprah.

August 2009.

Pulled straight from my flickr photo caption:

Every time I picked it up, I felt like I was defying Oprah.


I knew very little about this book but that Oprah LOVED it and then HATED the author, because he LIED TO HER and led her to believe it was a biography when…it’s not?  That was always strange to me.  If the book is entertaining and enlightening, does it really matter whether or not it’s true?  I mean, why not let the author look like a jerk for making things up, instead of getting all high and mighty and making yourself look like an even bigger jerk?

Oh, and I read this book in one night.  Stayed up until 2am.  It was like that one time I accidentally started watching The Hills Have Eyes, not realizing it was one of those torture porn movies, and the whole time I was HORRIFIED and TERRORIZED and WANTED IT TO STOP, but I couldn’t stop until I made it through to the happy ending, or else I would basically have nightmares about it forever.

That’s what reading this book was like.

And I kept wondering which parts of it were truth and which parts were exaggeration. I also think that this guy’s whole, “even though everyone tells me that I’ll fail without the 12 Steps, I think that’s weakness, I’m going to spit in their faces AND I’M GOING TO MAKE IT ON MY OWN” attitude was admirable, but probably not the best thing to be putting out there, since the book kept saying that 85% of people who try to end addictions relapse.  And I’m guessing a solid chunk of that 85% will read this book (or their friends/family will read this book) and think, “gosh darnit, if you just WANT it enough…”

Le sigh.

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