things on or near my office desk

…December 2011…before we moved buildings…

-a paperclip, bent into the shape of a heart

-lyrics to this song (spotify link)

-an adorable book about life in our office in 2007, made by my old co-worker

-one-page printed calendars for 2011, 2010, 2009

-multiple post-it notes with accounting codes

this comic strip. and this one.

…now…May 2012…

-a reference copy of the fancy invitation we sent for our first big event in the Rotunda

-bw cheap prints of two photos from my trip to Aix-en-Provence – this and this

this pretty calendar, which constantly confuses me with the ordering/placement of months

-a big, out-of-date map of France

-a fancy spreadsheet listing our accounting codes, so I can easily track our budget

-paperclips, sorted by color

-a french press, electric kettle, and pitcher of water

-the charger for my ipod touch, so I can take regular pictures of office puppies

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