I made this for you!

How Do You Create a Culture of Innovation? One of these days, I’m just going to get a subscription to Fast Company. It will replace my subscription to Real Simple. WHO HAVE I BECOME?

I travel down a lot of random paths on the internet. This was one of them.

Many clients are paying for the privilege of not having to worry about their child’s care, which means never worrying if their nanny has plans. Which, of course, she can’t, pretty much ever.
-the most troubling observation from this article: The Best Nanny Money Can Buy

So, you wanna be a magician? Teller Reveals His Secrets

yet another book I want to read…

Let’s have a Victoria Beckham moment, shall we?

Could you handle Schmidt’s spinning class?

The US Government’s Top Secret Town – “Eureka!”

Do you need some more things to read? Check out these winning essays. (I haven’t yet, but I definitely want to.)

Recipes like this make the Paleo Diet appealing…until I remember there would be no cheese.

omg “A Woman’s Online Guide to Understanding Men” This is so delightful that I’m not even mad at them for playing audio when I open the page. (You can pause it.) Definitely the most random internet discovery of the week.

Also from Dr. Paul:
Men’s Psychology “The Science of Being a Man”
Women’s Happiness “The Science of Being a Woman”
I feel like I could talk for hours on the differences between those two titles.

Let’s end with a little bit of wisdom:

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
– Jim Rohn(via)

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