I made this for you!

Hey you guys, let’s not mention that I’m way late in posting this, since you’ve had a whole ton of content this week. (While we’re also not talking about things, let’s not talk about how many links I have to share. There are a lot. Too many, perhaps.)

Rebecca Martin. Marilynne Robinson. Yes, please.

All that We Can’t Leave Behind – The stuff of our homes. The people in our homes. The stories of our homes. Home. Home. Home. I am totally obsessed with this concept, and the obsession heightens every time I have to pack up and move to another temporary space.

What if you heard “No!” one hundred times? What if you saw that as a goal instead of a string of setbacks?

In related news, I am now newly obsessed with this Life as an Artistpreneur blog. Check out their adorable series of photos of their newborn. (My obsession with newborns is not new.)

Most Anticipates Movies of (the Rest of) 2012 – I always ignore the horror movies, since he appreciates them much more than I ever will, but Moose’s recommendations are always spot-on. Also, the information he share about Looper and Prometheus – two movies I am already excited to see – make me EVEN MORE EXCITED!

Should You Launch A Clothing Line? – This is one of those low-level thoughts in the back of my head, which raises its voice on two occasions – when someone asks me to make them something or when I begin to wonder if I’m overcrowding my closet with homemade creations. One argument against such an idea:

Sometimes it’s nice just to be good at something and enjoy it.

Yes. Also, I tend to put some very specific barriers to entry. For instance, I would consider starting a clothing line if I had relationships with expert seamstresses. I would partner with someone, and gladly manage the external business/promotional side of things, if someone else wanted to do the work of making. The feasibility/profitability of that is low, so I just keep it in my head as a barrier.

But just in case, two resource lists I want to keep on hand: Recommended Reading for Beginner Sewing and Recommended Reading for Advanced Sewing & Pattern-Making

In short, Grant realizes he wants a smart lady who’ll always challenge him. Give me this premise over any of today’s rom-coms — except maybe 13 Going on 30, but I’m only keeping that one for the massive-closet-getting-dressed montage and hotness-on-a-hipster-stick Mark Ruffalo.

-about Holiday, from Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Katharine Hepburn’s Trousers

I’m totally jealous of everyone living in DC because of this.

The Mathematics of Beauty –  Game theory. Algebra. Awesomeness. I stumbled back to this blog after searching for more details on a band I’ve recently discovered on Spotify – Bishop Allen. How is it that someone can be behind so many awesome things? Do you reach a certain level of awesome and it just…starts spontaneously multiplying?

Classic Ice Cream Sandwich – Shared first for the recipe, and second for her self-depreciating, but space-filled apology for not having a perfect home. You know what’s admirable about that? She knows what she does well, and SHE DOES IT. No trying to do other things, no attempted to be like other people, no…yeah, this is a soapbox I need to get on every once in a while.

I love this. SO much! You will too. And this. I can’t resist, because…

I showed my daughter the video of that blonde woman from the Lord of the Rings movies, [the one where the demon guy says “No man can kill me. . .” and she shakes off her helmet and says, “I am no man. . .”] and my daughter was all, Nice.

This, for these people. Both are so lovely. And I love this idea of making real products for local businesses. What beloved shops in Charlottesville should have their own publications? How can I make this sort of thing happen?

You guys. I want a toothbrush subscription now. How cute is that?

And finally, check out Scarpa’s blog! I love this post in particular, because there are pretty fabric swatches AND sound business/life advice.

(It’s been somewhat entertaining to put these lists together each week and realize how heavily-themed they are. Who wants to name this weeks’ theme in the comments?)

2 thoughts on “I made this for you!

  1. I’m honored! Thank you. Have you read Robinson’s new book yet? Will we get a haiku review of it? I’ll be keeping my eye out . . .

  2. thanks for the rebecca martin links, I am really digging her writing…

    (ps are you having this weird issue I am where wordpress won’t accept your email address and says you need to be logged in but then even when you are logged in, it still won’t accept it? anyway that’s why I stuck the WP in front of my address, it isn’t really part of it but that way I can comment!)

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