why little kids are mean

“Milk is good for you,” she assured me. And every single night, that glass showed up next to my plate, filled almost to the brim. I don’t know where parents get these sorts of ideas. Probably from the same school of thought that teaches them to tell their little girls that boys are mean to them because, deep down, they have a crush. If I had a nickel for every time an adult told me that, I would build a new school of thought and teach more accurate things, like that little kids are mean to other little kids because being a little kid is very hard and confusing. I am still trying to work through the fact that a boy named his dog after me in the third grade.

-Molly Wizenberg, A Homemade Life

You seriously need to read Molly’s book. It’s full of brilliant, insightful, delicious observations like this one.

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