I made this for you!

Hey friends! There is so much I haven’t shared with you yet! Like the two (soon to be three) books I’ve finished recently. And photos from the 12 hours our band spent in the studio last weekend. Or the baby quilt I finally finished for Little Mister Huffman. Life is happening, and blog life can’t keep up.

Let’s share some internet delight real quick, because I can’t handle how long these lists are when I skip a week. I MADE THIS FOR YOU!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching. Just do it. (warning: youtube video)

American Mozart – Kanye or Jay-Z? This follows their Watch the Throne tour, with some great comparisons of their personalities and reputation management.

I’d get my hair cut here.


Girls! Girls! Girls! I probably won’t watch the show, but I’m loving the limitless dissections of it. That third article, from Slate, is the most interesting. It talks a bit about the history of female friendships, and their various purposes.

Somewhere in there, while people were whining about the unreality of Girls, I found this – The Rise of the Privileged Poor – here’s a snippet:

I have learned something about pity in my most recent year of poverty: Very few people on all rungs of our society are equipped to assist others who need it without thinking lesser of them, and in some cases, vilifying them.

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