I made this for you!

(It’s finally ranuculus season! Enjoy the photos in this week’s link report.)

Hip Swedish People Spend Their Lunch Breaks Clubbing – I’m moving to Stockholm. You with me?

For my Mad-Men-obsessed friends: Sally Draper Character Study

For my Downton-Abbey-obsessed friends: 10 facts about the castle

Facebook prioritizes hiring designers. (Especially interesting now that they’ve purchased Instagram.) Also, Facebook security suggestion.

I’m sure you were wondering how to decode Beyonce’s tumblr.

Ashley Judd speaks truth.


21 poses for photographing men. (Thanks, Andrea.) The pose suggestions for women are significantly less useful. And fairly awkward.

J.K. Rowling drops from Forbes billionaire list because of her charitable giving. I find this impressive, but am disturbed that it’s reported as if she’d be upset by the change.

New Survey: People Are Happiest at 33! THERE’S STILL TIME! (It might be useful to know what factors contribute to happiness.)


The Power of Reflection – This was incredibly well-timed, since I’m hoping to have a mini retreat this weekend.

Turning Trash into Treasure – I love stories about entrepreneurs. Speaking of entrepreneurs, here’s yet another reason to love this city.

Have you heard about Caine’s Arcade yet? If not, watch the video. There are so many things I love about this: his ingenuity, obviously; his dad’s support and excitement for this endeavor; that he was working hard in obscurity, enjoying the process and the dream; that someone cared enough for him to help bring attention (and customers).

Read books. As often as you can. Mostly classics.

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