11 books finished in 2012: A Homemade Life


Why are you reading this book?
I couldn’t put it off any longer. Every time Molly posts a new story/recipe on her blog, Orangette, I squeal about what an alluring writer she is, and declare that I MUST! MAKE! whatever she recommends. This book has been on my wishlist for a long time, and I finally broke down and bought it. Full price! Worth every penny! Don’t try to borrow my copy, though – I’ll be too busy making every recipe!

What is the first line?
I had meant to start with something more glamorous than potato salad.

Describe the book in haiku form:
the perfect pairing:
an evocative story
with each recipe

What will you do with it now?
keep for reference
x keep and loan out to friends x (after I’ve impressed them with all the recipes inside)
keep to read again & again & again
post to paperbackswap.com
throw it away

Anything else you’d like to say?
The most impressive – and surprising – discovery in this book is that the focus was less on crafting elaborate recipes and more on throwing together simple (yet delicious) ingredients and enjoying food and company above the process. Also, I have a sudden, strange desire to buy a LOT of vinegars.

One thought on “11 books finished in 2012: A Homemade Life

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