I made this for you!

There’s not much this week. And I haven’t read through most of these. I must have been busier than usual!

This is the type of thing I would have shared on Google Reader without hesitation, but which I always feel silly posting here. (It’s because I still think it’s a well-kept secret that I’m a cheesy-gushy romantic.) You’re welcome.

A Chocolate a Day to Get Slimmer? I hope so!

Lost in Fashion – I was looking at Liu Bolin art last week, and found a few of these, but didn’t realize they featured the designers instead of him. Such a great collaboration!

I don’t talk about it much here, because it’s one of my secret projects, but I really dig the concept of local blogging. Here’s an interview with two women who do it very well.

Who is the Route 29 Batman?

I am confident that this will be my favorite review of the Hunger Games movie.

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