I made this for you!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I’m going to catch and release all the dust bunnies under my bed this weekend. SPRING!

Guess what time it is!
(There are a lot of links, so I’ll break them up with some pretty pictures.)

Facebook Friends Without Benefits  – “Best-case scenario: everyone is watching you; worst-case scenario: everyone is watching you. But, the most-likely scenario is that no one is watching you as closely as you are watching yourself.”

Article about the Cville Bike Lab – I love hearing stories of all the entrepreneurs in this town!

I really needed to see this, since I only follow one of those rules right now. – Preventative Sewing Machine Maintenance

John Carter was DOOMED! Strangely, this article makes me want to see the movie now.

Let’s go here.

Would you rather be famous or amazing? Very good question.

This RedBall Project stresses me out. Years of Alias (and other JJ Abrams projects) taught me that RED BALLS GO BOOM! (found via)

A Star is Reborn – I think the brutal honesty of recovering addicts is intoxicating. (See what I did there? Poor taste?)

I have pieces that are unique pieces that I will never wear again, because life is different now, you know. I used to fax a lot, but people don’t have faxes anymore.

Did you know how entertaining Karl Lagerfield is? Well, now you do. (Quoted above and below.)

I hate the word routine. What I hate most is when you have to look at your watch and get in a hurry to change for dinner, if you have an important dinner. Every dinner is important; you should never be without a dinner, but this I’m a little tired of. I did a lot of it in my life.

Seven Things I Wish I’d Have Known When I First Became A Photographer

GORGEOUS: Stamen Maps

Do you have trouble with this? Being OK with things as they are.

Nothing good gets away. This is so sweet. (found via)

Since I always have a link to either Dana Tanamachi or The Great Discontent, it’s only appropriate that I share when they feature her. Here’s one (of many) nuggets of wisdom:

When someone sees something in you and they have the courage to speak it out, it changes everything. I learned the other month that the root of “encourage” literally means to put courage into someone. That is what my community does. I’ve learned from them that if you see something special or unique in someone, don’t just think it—tell them. Our words hold a lot of power.


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