I made this for you!

Has anyone else been ridiculously tired all week? DST, you’re on my list now!

An Open Letter… Blaine and I became Facebook friends this week. And then he was published on McSweeneys. Coincidence?

Evoking the Past with Dusty Letters – More Dana Tanamachi! I know these “accidentally successful” stories are news staples, and it’s easy to roll your eyes at them or gripe about how some people have all the luck..but what I read in this is that Dana made something beautiful for a friend, and wasn’t afraid to follow the path when it opened in front of her. That’s inspirational to me.

500 New Fairly Tales Discovered – I wonder if there are any new monsters for us to be afraid of.

Treat Your Customers Like You Would Treat Your Girlfriend – An interesting list about businesses or relationships.

Are we talking about relationships now? Oh good. The Trouble With Women (talking about expectations – ish) which linked to When You Don’t Have a Better Half. I haven’t read it just yet – always approach articles discussing christianity and feminism with trepidation – but I’d love to hear your thoughts if you do.

HIGH LINE! PHASE THREE! I love the High Line. It is my favorite place in NYC. And now there’s more of it!

Richmond is the Next Hipster City – Whatever that means.

…a nice, clean geometric pattern inspired by my favorite quilt.” Love.

28,000 flowers installed inside a building slated for demolition. I love art.

I would enjoy not learning French like this.

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