I made this for you!

Happy Spring Break Day! I slept in (until 7:30 – woo) and am working on my coffee while watching a ridiculous sitcom on Netflix.

13 Cheeses Everyone Should Know – Now I want to be a cheese snob.

Tina Roth Eisenberg (of SwissMiss) on The Great Discontent. She’s also behind this, which I would love to be involved with.

Earning More When You Have No Free Time – Ramit has great content this week. He must be gearing up to launch a new product/service. See also: 4 Dumb Money Mistakes

Fancy Beer of the Week – I hope this series continues!

“I think it’s good practice to ignore your kids.” Great thoughts from Katherine, the accidental mommy blogger.

Speaking of awesome local people – this Cville story about Jinx is incredible. Need proof?

Boo Barnett is one of Jinx’s Minxes, a loose confederation of women who help him out when he’s oversubscribed a catering gig. A Charlottesville native, Boo describes Jinx as “the love child of Elmer Gantry and Atticus Finch” and encapsulates his charm with an elegant sentence.

“He’s this intellectual who’s out at the rock pile drinking port, singing at the top of his voice while standing on that electric chair going up the stairs, declaiming Cicero. And then he’s this sweaty, essential alchemist who grabs bloody hunks of meat and seduces them with smoke,” she said.

When nature and industry collide!

Thoughts on art and creativity – spot-on, Austin!

Enjoy your Friday!

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