I call it my snow day dress.

Monday morning, we were blessed with 5-7 inches of snow. It had all melted by Monday evening, but one of the awesome things about living in the South is that EVERYTHING SHUTS DOWN WHEN IT SNOWS!

Do you have any idea how awesome that is? Especially when the snow only lasts for a few hours, and you don’t have to also deal with the South’s lack of proper snow management techniques?

I had a fridge full of leftovers, a house to myself, and Netflix Instant.

Oh, and a pile of new sewing patterns, along with some fabrics that were NOT cotton OR solid colors.

snow day

snow day

snow day dress

In all, it was probably 4-5 hours of making. With a pattern this simple, I am now impervious to every shift dress in the stores this season!

A few notes to myself:
-the shoulder was a bit wide, so  adjust when cutting (idea: angle the top of the pattern over the fold by a quarter or half inch, pivoting at the chest – the extra width at the bottom won’t be bad)
-the dress, when hemmed, hits a few inches above my knee – works for a short-sleeved summery version, but the 3/4 sleeve option will probably want to be longer
-make the interfacing longer, especially in the back
-study up on setting sleeves, because these are a little poufy
-finish all the seams with the serger so they’re cleaner next time, and your hems won’t have to be double-folded

7 thoughts on “I call it my snow day dress.

  1. I love this dress and the addition of the yellow belt. Funny your take on the snow. I like this area because I feel like nothing shuts down except kiddos’ schools, and they plow around here! It’s amazing since my area of NC may not even know what plows are except during planting season.

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