signs of growth, the dating version

Sunday late afternoon walk around the neighborhood.

(I chose a romantic-looking photo for this one. Bow chicka wow-wow.)

A few nights ago, Emily and I were finally updating each other on our respective lives. Specifically, the hits and misses of dating/relating.

As I finished one harrowing tale*, she said**, “Wow. You would not have been able to shake that off so quickly two years ago.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“You’re being so rational about it! You used to OBSESS over guys!”

“Yeah, I did. That was exhausting.”

“It was terrifying.”

“Yeah, it was. Praise God I’m not that person anymore!”

I’m going to stop here, because this area of my life is filled with so many distinct signs of growth, and I really am thankful that I’m no longer the terrifyingly obsessive type. It really was exhausting!


*Tales are always either harrowing or victorious – my life, retold, is pure melodrama.
**Remember what I said about melodrama? Add to that a disclaimer that I’m prone to conflation, confabulation, and misquotation.

2 thoughts on “signs of growth, the dating version

  1. Maggie, I very much enjoy honest thoughts. And thoughts on seeing growth in one’s life are always my favorite.

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