signs of growth

I asked a friend this morning what her New Month Resolution was. She didn’t have one. Neither did I.

But then I thought about it a bit, and realized that I have noticed many signs of personal growth that could be celebrated. Not that I think I have it all figured out – not by a longshot – but it’s good to affirm growth, in children, in plants, and in full-fledged adults. Celebrating growth is a way to remind ourselves that progress is always an option. Always. No matter how old or stubborn or scared we might be.

And since I don’t like a blog series without visual aids, I’m going to pull photos from my flicker stream that have been tagged “bloominginmarch.” Get it?

Sign of Growth:
Somebody asked me a question. I didn’t know the answer. I responded with, “I don’t know.”

Crazy, right?

What I didn’t say:
-“I don’t know. I’m so sorry!”
-“I don’t know, but let me google that for you.”
-(nothing, while I frantically search for an answer because, if this person asked ME about this thing, IT IS OBVIOUS THAT I SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS THING!!)

That, my friends, is a sign of growth.

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