The Hex Quilt

This post has been sitting in my queue for a while now. Apparently blogging about a quilt is just as intimidating to me as finishing one.

And since this quilt will probably never be finished, I might as well throw these up there and move on with my life, right?


The Hex Quilt was my very first, and as I said in my teaser for The Shuckster, it showed me the possibilities of pattern and color-play in quilts. But, really, that doesn’t give weight to the many hours I spent shopping for the perfect purple fabrics, or arranging and re-arranging the color progression, or coloring sample patterns on hexagon graph paper…it became an obsession for a whole year, and this series of photos hints at that.

don't disturb the crazy lady
May 2009: First cuts, from the fabrics that inspired the full spectrum.

May 2009: Back when I would photograph every new stack of hexagons. (Before there were hundreds of them.)

June 2009: Flew to Calgary with my box-o-hexagons, and laughed when I realized a TSA agent had to inspect it. This was drawn up for the return flight.

the purples
June 2009: While in Calgary, my craft-enabler Joce took me on a Fabric Crawl. The goal was to drink a pint of beer for every meter of fabric purchased, but it would have been impossible. (This is only one portion of the fabric haul.)

June 2009: House-sitting, with hexagons.

August 2009: Moved into a new place, with hexagons.

August 2009: Starting to assemble stripes.

December 2009: A glimpse of the stash.

January 2010: Finishing the quilt top.

September 2010: Picking it back up and preparing to quilt.

September 2010: Machine quilting is tedious!

September 2010: Am I done yet? (No.)

further proof that I am a process quilter
January 2012: More machine quilting.

February 2012: On display at The Shuckster!


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