band thoughts

Being in a band is still incredibly weird to me.

I think a big portion of that is that, unlike other jobs/hobbies/obsessions, your work becomes public early on. If you’re doing it right, being in a band means performing, which means inviting other people to view the process. There is no finished draft to work toward – instead you have an elusive, undefined, moving target.

Of course, as soon as I say these things out loud, I realize how much I’m finding LIFE to be the same elusive, undefined, moving target. Band as metaphor for life? Sounds hokey, but I can’t deny it.




Most of us are exposed to bands after they’ve made it through a refining process of sorts. The national scene is much more, “Ta da! Here is this thing we’ve created! Here are the stage personas we’ve developed! You can have these small pieces of us. Enjoy!” Now, I study performers. I watch how they move and listen to what they say and wonder how much of that is natural, how much is staged, how much is spontaneous-yet-honed-from-experience.

The local music scene is, perhaps, where one learns those boundaries?



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