I made this for you!

It’s been an odd, difficult week, but one constant is that Office Puppy is awesome. (I get to see this little guy every weekday, and I’m so thankful for him!)

How to Sew a Ruffle – This is a dangerous blog for me to read, because I might decide it’s totally possible to make my whole wardrobe. Hipster or sister-wife? You decide.

“I think women should respect their faces like they respect their Louboutins : no water, no brushes, no abrasive products.”- Not that I have any Louboutins, but I love this stance. (HT No More Dirty Looks)

A Brother and Sister Get Married – Awww. Chaste love!

Overcoming Crippling Anxiety – This is a beautiful story, and the absolute best is her father’s reassurance:

“Your perspective is off, sweetie. Everything is the same, you just can’t see it right now, but you will again.”

Truth fact. (Thanks for sharing this with me, Hunter.)

People Without People – A lovely take on wedding photojournalism. (HT Meredith Perdue)

This Becoming A Designer series is intriguing.

GO READ THIS SHORT STORY RIGHT NOW! – Text Messages From A Ghost (I emailed it to myself with the note, “This is creepy and awesome and YES!”)

In the Secret of His Presence – On melancholy days, I go to Sandra McCracken. Her notes for this song, in particular, point to the reason why:

 “I think sometimes we think church music should be sunny or majestic, but for me, that’s not where I live most of the time. I live more in longing and hope, in both joy and sorrow. I want to make music that people can find themselves in, not as they think they should be.”

Anti-Documentary – These 8×10 portraits are stunning! (via)

And finally, A love note to the workaholic, shared by a friend on Facebook with a shoutout to college students, but I think it’s sound advice for all of us. More from the author.

One thought on “I made this for you!

  1. That Brother/Sister link is the most disturbingly misleading headline for an article I think I’ve ever seen. Good story though.

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