food glorious food

My friend Lizzie just posted a list of recipes she’s made from Pinterest, with short reviews, and I think it’s such a brilliant idea that I’m stealing it.

First, recipes which I made or knew of before Pinterest, but return to all the time now that I’ve pinned them:

Ina Garten’s mac & cheese recipe. I offered to make a meal for a friend, and told her to pick a recipe she’d want to make herself. She sent me this one. It’s the most complicated mac & cheese recipe I’ve ever seen, but IT IS AMAZING! I think I made it again the next week, to share with other friends. *This is a great recipe to share with people, because it is so decadent – not only will you impress people, but you won’t feel bad about your caloric intake.

Toscana Soup. Technically, I’ve never made this soup. My roommate Emily found it, and makes it a few times each winter. I keep it near so that, when we are no longer living together, I can still have it in my life. *Add more potatoes and kale than the recipe calls for, and it’ll seem somewhat healthier.

Orangette’s Oatmeal Pancakes. You guys. These are INCREDIBLE! They’re made with buttermilk and you soak them overnight and, omg, I need a snow day sleepover so that I can feed these to all of my friends.

Spiced Mini Burgers and Couscous Salad. I tore this recipe out of a Real Simple and keep it in a binder in the kitchen (the old skool version of Pinterest, eh?) – it’s a classic, always simple and delicious.

Smoked Turkey and Lentil Soup. I talk about this soup ALL OF THE TIME. Because it is AMAZING. This recipe taught me how to make soup, which I also point out on the pin itself. I’ve made so many variations of this recipe, and have even started hosting soup parties to give myself opportunities to branch out. Learn this soup recipe!

The Pioneer Woman Salad. There are so many ingredients in this recipe – SO MANY THINGS TO CHOP – but it makes a ton of food and it is delicious. I might have to make it next week. Yum!

This is so long, I’m going to break it into two parts, so the new discoveries get the attention they deserve!

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