I made this for you!

My car is defrosting outside, so let’s hope I can get through this by the time it’s ready (and before someone tries to steal it).

How to Write an Artist Statement – Have I not linked to this before? Because it’s been QUITE RELEVANT this week. Because this art show is tonight.

“Do you want your cake back?” Customer service gone wrong!

Horses. Made of clothes. (Found through Already Pretty.)

Creepy poetry written to thrift store clothing? Yes, please!

The Great Discontent features Derek Webb this week. My favorite portion:

“I would encourage any artist starting out to think about playing music for a living as running a small business because that’s what it is. If you can make choices out of an ethic of being a small business owner, you will be so far ahead of the game. It will give you a great framework from which to make decisions about how to spend your money and what opportunities to take. There’s an investment season and a season when you reap the benefits. You need to keep your overhead low and control your costs.”

Training myself to write a proper thank you note is totally on my life list.

“Y’all probably couldn’t tell from my personality, but I am addicted to endorphins. I am also addicted to the strong, powerful, superior feeling that comes from running really fast for a long time.” When people describe running like this, I totally want to join in.

How to Deliver a Proof – designers are so awesome

Social Aggression For The Win! – This is totally happening.

Have a great Friday, friends!

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