pesky resolutions, continued

January has progressed at an expected rate – faster than I can believe – so I decided to throw together a follow-up to my resolutions post before the year is over.

Fabric and lining cut. #adventuresinsewing Zipper attempt number three. One day I will master this. #adventuresinsewing

1. I can happily report that my first resolution, to sew something with sleeves, is nearly complete! I’ve been tracking the progress with instagram photos, which has reminded me how many tedious steps there are to sewing and also how many times I tend to rip out a zipper before I’m satisfied with its placement. (Inevitably, I will rip it out once more after finishing the garment and hand-stitch it.)

2. I’ve managed to refine the process of tracking my books, so that it’s somewhat less random and hopefully more accessible. I’ve also created a tumblr so that you can see all the books at once – most of them (or at least all of the new ones) link back to this blog. (I’m also morphing into one of those people who wants to create a tumblr for every passing thought. So far, I’ve managed to resist.) Psst. Check out the archive view to see them sorted by month.

3. On a semi-strategic whim, I applied for the Neighborhood Leadership Institute this year. (I heard about it only a few days before the deadline.) So one of my resolutions, in light of this commitment, is to increase my knowledge of and investment in this delightful city.

4. Last night, on another semi-strategic whim, I proposed Time Banking as an NLI group project idea, and the response was that exactly the people I’d been hoping to work with volunteered to be on my team. So, this crazy concept that I discovered over a year ago is continuing to grow, and my hope is that we can craft a plan to fully launch it in all segments of our community (with proper media exposure and government support) by the end of the year.

There are others, but I prefer to keep them top-secret for now. I definitely believe I’m susceptible to the concept that sharing your plans before they’re reality – and being affirmed for your intentions, results or no results – can keep you from working toward your goals. I’d rather be praised for having accomplished something than for coming up with ideas.

2 thoughts on “pesky resolutions, continued

  1. How interesting — I am the exact opposite! I feel like sharing my goals with others and being public about what I hope to achieve actually keeps me motivated and accountable. When I keep it a secret it’s so much easier for me to just let things slide. It’s almost NECESSARY for me to tell others my goals if I want to get off my butt and get them done. Diff’rent strokes :)

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