snapshot: January 11th


One addition to the book list that will happen whenever the mood strikes (or perhaps whenever someone requests it) – I’ll take a snapshot of the books I’m currently reading and give a short status report.

From top to bottom:
Straw House, Wood House, Brick House, Blow – I need to finish this by next Wednesday, for a book club, and I will most likely finish it in another day or two. It’s engaging to the point that I am afraid to pick it up unless I have an hour to read.
From the Library of C. S. Lewis – Filled with little snippets of literature and devotional texts, I read a few pages before bed most nights. This will probably be on the pile most of the year. An intentional slow read.
Middlemarch – This would be the book I pick up when I’m having trouble sleeping, because it’s so dull it puts me to sleep. I’ve been reading the first quarter of this book for…months it seems. At some point – hopefully the halfway point – the plot will thicken and I’ll pick up the pace, but when I’m reading “classics” for the first time, I don’t necessarily assume it’ll become any easier.
Bonhoeffer – At one time, this was the book I read on the bus so that I looked smart. Also, I was reading it for a discussion group that I’m unable to attend on a regular basis anymore. This snapshot reminds me to pick it up again, in measured doses. I found it interesting even though it’s not my usual reading choice.
Swann’s Way – This is the most embarrassing in the pile. I started reading it in France, on the train, made it perhaps a third of the way through, and haven’t managed to pick it up again. Proust requires attention – and I knew this before starting the book, but I didn’t realize how consuming it would be. In order to pick this up again, I’m going to need a very specific setting which doesn’t currently exist in my life.

Three dense books that are somewhat painful to pick up is more than usual. How about you help me decide which one to tackle and finish first?

2 thoughts on “snapshot: January 11th

  1. HOW can you think Middlemarch is dull. HOW. Maggie. Swann’s Way is also pure brilliance and illumination. It does require a lot of brain power/concentration, but it is SO worth it. I believe in you.

  2. Abby – I knew you’d have something to say about Proust! And I must admit that though Middlemarch is long (I’m actually 120 pages in, yet still feel like I’ve only started), there are MANY moments that I find entertaining. And more as I continue.

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