pesky resolutions

Happy New Year! I made biscuits at 8:00 this morning. It was my first time making them from scratch, and I’m pleased with how they turned out.


I also made coffee. And a ham and cheese omelet. Yesterday I baked a ham (bought for the bone, to be used in bean soup), mashed some potatoes, and made both quinoa and broccoli pesto for the first time ever.

It turns out a week of leisure leads to a renewal of my domestic instincts. And since I’d been in a bit of a domestic rut the past few months, it feels good to brag a little. Let me get back on topic.

I couldn’t remember whether I’d published any resolutions last year. Turns out I had, though they mostly draw my attention to how long 2011 was, and how many things changed, and how I’m both excited and overwhelmed by the task of reviewing it all.

That will happen eventually. I hope. Until then, let’s talk about 2012. I’ve made, yet again, a short list of publishable resolutions, knowing that my brain and journal are filled with many more specific and terrifying goals.

1. I’m going to sew a dress with sleeves! Actually, to take this one step further, I’m going to get over my general terror of tailoring, starting with setting a sleeve. Thankfully, Dee took me to a fabric store the day after Christmas and told me to buy something. I found a pattern for a cute, sleeved, shift dress, and a seasonally-appropriate, visually intriguing fabric to whet my appetite. Hopefully this will be one of many.

2. I’ll continue tracking my books. A few tweaks for 2012:
-Find a more appealing way to display the whole list. The flickr set is still my favorite way to review, so I’d like to somehow incorporate a visual link in the main list page.
-Create a simple 3-5 question survey which I can use as a bookmark while reading each book, so that blog posts aren’t merely one-sentence emotional reactions. There will still be plenty of that, I’m sure, but at least there will also be something mildly informative.

This list will grow. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “pesky resolutions

  1. can’t wait to see the dress you make! i’m sure it will be adorable.
    that’s a great idea about the book question/survey. i’m also bad about talking about books, so i might steal your ideas. :)

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