I made this for you!

Okay, y’all. Let’s do this!

Fear tends to cause us to avoid the thing we’re fearing, which is obviously very useful when the thing you’re fearing is a real threat to your life. But most of the stuff we’re scared about in our daily lives doesn’t pose any threat to our lives, because we’re wired to feel fear whenever we’re dealing with something unfamiliar. This means that, whenever we’re learning and growing and extending our comfort zones, we’ll feel fear. And when you’re growing towards something that’s really important to you, your fear is greatest, because your heart’s in it and you care deeply about the results. So list all the things you’re feeling most afraid about right now. Then ask yourself again, “What does this tell me about what’s important to me?” – Yes.

7 ways to have more by owning less – another link from Rachel, no doubt. I love all these suggestions for community ownership.

Stopping Unwanted Catalogs – I’ve found the holiday season is a great time to realize how many mailing lists I don’t want to be on – for instance, the NSW Teacher’s Association – I didn’t realize until I went to unsubscribe that NSW is…on another continent? I’m totally getting one of those Mail Stop Envelopes in the new year.

A Lifestyle of Enough – Read this. Now.

The Class Comforter – How precious is this? (Incredibly.) HT Abby.

Bicycle Portraits – What an interesting (and beautiful) project!

Brand Early, Not Often – Noted.

Contemplating gratefulness – The Best Way to Live

I said GOOD DAY!

buckshot vs. rifle approaches – There are so many applications for this.

How do you say mayonnaise? – Dialect Survey Results

come eat with us – I love this picture of family life. Slow. Messy. Together.

The Great Discontent – This particular interview with a photographer is intriguing to me, but I think the whole concept – and execution – of this site is so well-done.

Lessons I Learned Raising a Daughter – I can only browse the Art of Manliness site in small doses, because I tend to get light-headed. Manliness is so sexy!

being ok when nothing’s ok – Supreme wisdom from Amy’s corner of the internet.

The word “stuck” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary! – Great thoughts for working creative types.

Thanks to these guys, I now know that a 44-second wedding video is the perfect length. (Any longer than that, and I get bored. Anybody else?)

The Inner Ring – “The choice is still before you: and I hope you will not take my hard words about your possible future characters as a token of disrespect to your present characters.” C.S. Lewis omg I love this man so much. (HT MattMahla)

Boy Crazy – I wish someone had shared this with me…twenty years ago? Eh, I probably couldn’t have handled the truth.

Don’t follow this link unless you have a desire to read more books: Top 10 nonfiction books of 2011.

Betty Wright and the Roots make musical “movie” – I officially love this woman now. And want to be her when I grow up.

And finally, this article in the New Yorker is the most entertaining and interesting thing I’ve read all month. Filled with theories about nurture, socializing, dating, courtship, values…here’s one of my favorite moments:

I’ve come to think that flourishing consists of putting yourself in situations in which you lose self-consciousness and become fused with other people, experiences, or tasks. It happens sometimes when you are lost in a hard challenge, or when an artist or a craftsman becomes one with the brush or the tool. It happens sometimes while you’re playing sports, or listening to music or lost in a story, or to some people when they feel enveloped by God’s love. And it happens most when we connect with other people.

One thought on “I made this for you!

  1. i want you to know that i am looking forward to getting home this evening, tidying up my space, making a small, warm, satisfying meal, putting on some moody, cozy tunes & opening this post back up for an extended-play visit.
    <3ing you. t.s.s.

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