I hope I can add this to my resumé.

Y’all, I don’t have a post of awesome links to share today. I need to work out the kinks in this system, so that a busy Thursday night doesn’t prevent me from sharing.


My friend Andrea has a way of putting people at ease, of letting them know that she cares for them and is deeply interested and entertained by what they bring to the table. I respond to this level of affirmation by coming up with ridiculous ideas, and Andrea takes it to the next level by implementing these ideas – for instance, I once told her she could be the president of my fan club. So she created one, and started recruiting. (My grandmother is a member.)

So, when this conversation started…

Andrea: A post is brewing. I have to change my life so yeah…I’m kinda embracing it (or trying to). And part of that is being a little more socially aggressive. I’m channeling my inner-Maggie.
: If you need me to guest post, I will. I can come up with a top ten list. Or maybe you could interview me. Let’s pretend we’re big deal bloggers!

…it was only a question of when…

Ladies and Gentlemen, my very first blog interview: How to Win Friends and Win at Life

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