twelfth rehearsal

Woo! Band!


I’ve hit that place where the band activities feel comfortable – I’m not awkwardly trying to figure out what to think or how to act, but trusting my instincts. That’s refreshing. I can enjoy rehearsals and their unique mix of work and play.


And finally, when everyone breaks out into the punk or reggae version of a song, instead of wondering why we’re wasting time with this absurdity, I’m trying to figure out how to refashion the melody to fit in. Haven’t quite figured it out yet, but at least I’m moving in that direction.


The new song is just as catchy as it was when we learned it a few weeks ago, and I remembered more of the lyrics than John. We’ve made a few tweaks to tighten it, and I’m so excited to share it with people.

After our first show, as I was processing the experience of stage fright, I asked each of the band members why they performed, or how they viewed that part of being in a band. The best response, for me, came from Ben, who said that the show is like a gift from the band to the world, where we can share the fruit of all our labor, and where we can bring them into this whole creative process that we’ve been enjoying so thoroughly.


Our band is REALLY enjoying ourselves. I DO want to invite you into that.

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