11th rehearsal

Between our first show and our (upcoming) second show, we have had very few rehearsals. One of them, a Saturday morning marathon rehearsal, we learned a new song.

I asked for something a bit more upbeat, something that I could dance to. John wrote a song about pornography. (womp womp)

It’s really quite wonderful. And complex. He composed it all in advance, so that those of us who read music could learn our parts more easily.

“I didn’t expect the score to be 25 pages! The whole song fits on this one sheet in my notebook!”

It was fairly comical to watch us shuffling with all those pages. At one point we considered taping them end to end and building a conveyor belt for our music stands. (Instead, that idea was filed away for future music videos.)

(Another idea for future music video: Wes live-drawing the song, since his notes are all pictures, no words.)

We closed out the rehearsal with a few arrangements of Christmas songs. It was super fun, and I’m trying to convince everyone that we should wear tacky Christmas sweaters. Wish me luck!

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