[Yosemite 2008] staying close to family

I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year, and I miss them. This year has been a big one for missing my family.

Which is why I’m going to spend a moment fondly remembering times when I didn’t have an opportunity to miss them, namely because we were vacationing together and had zero personal space.

See this room below? The world’s tiniest hotel room? With maybe a full-sized bed? Would you believe that my mother, father, and I slept in this room together?

Where we stayed, night one.

It’s true. We did. No, we didn’t all fit in that bed – somehow a cot was rolled into the room and I slept on it against the far wall. It was absurd, and the hotel manager yelled at us about it the next day – even though we’d called months in advance and informed them that there would be three of us. This was only one night. We had much more spacious accommodations the rest of the week.

home sweet home

Check it out. I had a WHOLE BED to myself! We also had a small desk, which we converted to a kitchenette of sorts. Don’t tell the bears!


Our final few nights, up in the meadows, we slept in this tent. I sort of wish we’d been forced to sleep in one bed, because it was COLD up there! The tent had a wood-burning stove, but we were all too lazy to keep tending it during the night, so mornings were ROUGH. I think we would bully each other from our sleeping bags each morning, in hopes that someone would break down and restart the fire.

I’m so excited for next year’s trip!

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