I made this for you!


The Importance of Unplugging – Great thoughts from Rebecca, who will probably have much more to say now that she’s on break from design school.

Winter Perks – omg winter beards (that’s all I have to say about that)

Andrew Sullivan, American by Choice – “Regular readers know that beards are a minor obsession, and his is the size of an apostle’s, and lately he’s taken to dyeing it a bit, because I’m not ready for Santa Claus.

Maurizio Cattalan: All – A friend went to NYC and posted pictures from this exhibit, so I had to do some reasearch. (This one is also interesting.) (This one is MEAN!)

These guys were playing in town this week. I nearly checked them out, but was too busy reorganizing a friend’s books by color. They’re still worth a listen.

The Secret Life of Pronouns – I haven’t even read all of this yet, but the premise is just so intriguing.

Also intriguing – The 3 Biggest Barriers to Innovation, And How to Smash Them. Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing this!

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