I made this for you!

Who else is already mourning the loss of Google Reader Notes? I tried using the bookmarklet today, in hopes I could somehow trick the system, and instead I got this sad, “We’re sorry, this is no longer supported!” message that wouldn’t even leave the page. It was like an eternal flame on my browser, reminding me of what has been lost.

So, instead of doing what Google wants and switching over to G+ where they’re trying to somehow capture the awkwardness of casual conversations with people you haven’t seen in over a decade (thanks, but I already have Facebook for that)…I’m going to share the links on my blog! Which is just as public, but takes just a bit more effort to follow, meaning these random acquaintances won’t roll their eyes at me without first having CHOSEN to read my content.

(And yes, that is exactly what pisses me off about social media, their constant efforts to take away our ability to choose who we want to hear from – my Facebook news feed is, lately, like taking a long bus trip with a random assortment of people I know well enough to smile at but not necessarily well enough to talk to.)

Y’all, I promise this won’t turn into a social media rant blog! I’ve got a haircut scheduled for next week, and that’ll inevitably bring this back to the proper realm of frivolity.

It's fancy! (It’s a collection of awesome things from the internet this week. You’re welcome!)

sahr dauda – This is from Gini, a friend of mine who travels around the world with Mercy Ships. She always has interesting stories about running a pop-up dental clinic, but this one is from the ship’s PR team and is about a boy who…you just need to read it. Keep a tissue handy.

Fierce Divergence – I’m feeling a bit ashamed about posting this along with my rant above about social media and my selifsh desire to be sheltered from anyone whose choices I might not understand or agree with…which is a common tension I find myself faced with whenever thinking about community. This is just a great quote – and the rest of that blog is full of greatness as well.

Whiteboard Accounting – File this under, “Dang, Maggie, you sure do read a lot about starting/running small businesses!” It’s true. I do. This is a brilliant method for visual non-numbers people to set financial goals. (HT Rachel Hadiashar)

How to Write an Artist Statement – My only note about this one? “Ugh. Growth.” I have a piece in a group show tomorrow – which is a HUGE deal! It’s a big step toward self-identifying as an artist in this community! – but I couldn’t get over the fear of writing an artist statement. Heck, I couldn’t even figure out if I wanted to title my piece! So, ahem, this a quiet, nagging reminder that I need to keep moving in this direction. Artist Statements don’t need to be pretentious – they are meant to be USEFUL!

Vito! Monique! Call me! – If I hadn’t met these two last year – when they played a show in Charlottesville and I was in their back-up choir – I probably wouldn’t have touched this article with a ten foot pole. But they are SO adorably authentic and sweet and every time I hear their names or one of their songs my heart grows three times in size. Make sure you read the last two paragraphs about hipsters and the church.

It’s Lonely in the Modern World – Since we’re already talking about hipsters, did you know the team behind Unhappy Hipster have made a book? They talk about it – and the shocking realization that hipsters actually have a sense of humor – in this article.

Bwahahahaha! – Y’all, this summarizes exactly what I suspect happens every time I go dancing.

Making it Work While You’re Mostly Working for Free – Because I can’t visit Pamie.com without spending some time poking around. And because it’s important to keep a realistic perspective while dreaming of working for yourself.

On the job – Test shots from a husband/wife photography team. I love shots like this, of photographers at work, and try to take at least one every time I second shoot. (Hey Meredith! I bet you could make a whole blog post of these!)

And that, my friends, is what I made for you this week. Enjoy!

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