fourth rehearsal

We had two 2-hour sessions with different variations of the band (scheduling has been tough), and were working on different songs in each session. This rehearsal might count for double, but that only matters if I actually think I’ll be able to keep count over the next few weeks.




I have been given another new definition: songwriter. The look of shock and terror in my eyes…well, I guess my friends get used to this sort of thing from me, because Wes didn’t even slow down.
“If we keep calling her that, she’ll eventually start believing it.”



me: This song needs to have a different structure from that other, which starts small, builds up, swells to a clamor, then cuts to voices alone. I think we should start this with something MAJOR! (gesturing for emphasis)
J: You mean…a major key?
me: Oh no. I mean, like, epic! “Major!” It’s something Victoria Beckham always says. She’s…obviously…erm…one of my major musical influences!
W: What!? Posh Spice? You’re out of the band!


3 thoughts on “fourth rehearsal

  1. Austin, you are SO TOTALLY in the band! And I trust that, soon enough, we’re all going to be finishing each others’ sentences and humming harmonies in our sleep.

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