South River Falls Trail

Did you know that our National Parks have fee free days? Well, they do. And a few of us ended up at Shenandoah National Park on one of those days – celebrating the first semi-cool weekend of the fall (and one of the few Saturdays this season when I didn’t have a wedding to shoot).

Significant moments:

-WE SAW A SNAKE! It was so tiny I didn’t notice it, and also so tiny I wasn’t too scared to take a photo (warning: photo of snake below), but it might have been poisonous. Do any of you have a clue what it is?

-When we were starting the trail, we passed an older group on their way out. Based on their huffing and puffing, I assumed they weren’t in very good shape. I would like to formally apologize to those people, because I thought I was going to DIE on that last quarter mile!




2 thoughts on “South River Falls Trail

  1. J-Rob, I just discovered that it’s a copperhead! The hourglass shape on the back identifies it, apparently.

    Good thing they’re not aggressive, or I might have discovered this sooner.

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