random walking-down-the-hallway-to-the-vending-machine thoughts

-I wish they had cans in the soda machine.
-I wish soda wasn’t $1.50.
-Dude, that vending machine in my hometown with $.35 cans was the Best Thing Ever.
-That was probably in the 80s. Which means a $.35 can of soda is totally retro now.
-It’s amazing that my jar of quarters has $50. (I counted it last night. Because it was there.)
-I wonder how many sodas I could buy with that many quarters…
-50 divided by 1.5? No, that’s too complicated for me.
-But how many times does 3 (1.5 times 2) go into 50?
-…largest multiple of 3 that doesn’t go over 50…
-48? Yes, 48.
-Okay, so that’s 3…time…16! 16? Yes, 16.
-And…16 times 2…is 32.
-So I could buy at least 32 sodas with $50.
-Did I seriously just do all that math?
-Is that even correct?
-And how un-logical was that order-of-operations? I’m guessing that’s not the way they would have taught me to do this in elementary school.

How would you have worked it out? I’m so curious to know the different ways our brains solve problems.

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