41 books finished in 2011

41 books finished in 2011
Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health

My roommates have joked about leaving this book out on our coffee table, to see what sort of response it would get. This blog post might be the next best thing.

I’ve had many friends read this book for the stated purpose who then lament that they’d not been introduced to it sooner. Yes, a significant portion of the book is about fertility and pregnancy and natural birth control, but it is also a great resource that speaks about a woman’s body and cycles as a beautiful, natural thing, which is sadly not the norm for women’s health education.

This is basically a textbook, so it wasn’t exactly the most entertaining read, but I’m the type of person who reads textbooks and manuals from cover-to-cover. I’ll definitely keep this around as a reference book, and I might even start charting in a continued attempt to de-mystify this body and the hormones that come with it.

4 thoughts on “41 books finished in 2011

  1. I have heard lots of good things about this book, although I don’t think I’ll attempt NFP until we’re ready to actually have a baby! Still. I should read it.

  2. ha. I also read textbooks cover to cover and read books like this. I think we have naturally curious minds. I haven’t blogged about many, but I’m glad you were so bold and put it out there so eloquently :)

  3. This is awesome. Obviously, I’m interested in medically related things AND I’m a woman… I might have to borrow it sometime!

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