Mom called on Monday and asked if I had anything scheduled for the last two weeks of July 2012. (I love that she plans this far in advance.)

ghosts of my parents

They’ve been visiting a National Park (or group of parks) every summer since they got rid of the kids. I call this Empty Nesting Done Right.

After much complaining that they only started doing fun things once I was gone, I was invited to join them in Yosemite way back in 2008.

Nobody was thrown off a mountain, which was our pre-determined measure of a successful trip.

shiny happy people

So, fair warning to Seattle, Washington and the surrounding areas – you have just under a year to prepare for our arrival!

2 thoughts on “countdown

  1. ooh fun!! which parks will you all hit? how long will you be there? there are so many beautiful spaces there! did you know that the olympic peninsula has the only temperate rain forest in the continental US?
    let me know if you would like some ideas for naturey and other destinations. :)

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