how do I get there from here?

I miss my counselor.

The simplest solution, of course, would be for me to call up the office and ask if I can get back onto her schedule. But I’m cheap. And I also suspect that in a few months we’ll both be staring at each other in silence, due to my-over-achieving-self powering through all of the hurdles that I clearly identified in our first meeting.

Because, y’all, I am a high functioning crazy person. Set aside some some time for me to externally process, with someone who cares for my thriving, and I’m going to get from point A to point B through my own ramblings. I could grab a homeless person off the streets, pay them to meet with me for an hour each week, and in a few months not only will I have MUCH more space in my head, but we’d probably be best friends. (This might be a brilliant plan. We’ll come back to this later, okay?)

In other, soon-to-be-related news, I’ve decided to wear high heels again!

All credit goes to to Sally at Already Pretty. (If you’re new to her blog, the body image posts are a great place to start.) She pointed out that whenever she wears heels, she’s more aware of her body, and as a result she is more likely to care for it.

Unfortunately, my excitement over wearing high heels is quickly squashed by the fact that I don’t get to show them off to many people on any given weekday.

How does this go together? Good question. Let’s see if I can remember.

1. I need to set aside some time to externally process.
2. When I wear cute things, I want external validation.
3. I like creating arbitrary rules and schedules.
4. (Do you see where this is going yet?)

2 thoughts on “how do I get there from here?

  1. thanks for sharing, Maggie. and we can form a high-functioning crazy person club and then call it…I don’t know, all of humanity.

    ps. enjoy heels-wearing. they’re my fave.

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