29 books finished in 2011

29 books finished in 2011
Learning to Fly: The Autobiography

This might be the post I point to when someone wrongly calls this series a Vanity Project. Because, nobody in their right mind would read a 10-years-out-of-date (seriously, WHERE IS THE SEQUEL) dishy autobiography written by The Least Respected Spice Girl* if they were attempting to impress people.

I’m not even going to pretend this was well-written. It felt like she spent a few hours sitting by the pool, talking to a transcriptionist, attempting to recap her life – and specifically the recent events which had apparently been written about by other parties in a way that was very negative toward Posh and Becks.

Her main themes were:
1. “I work very hard!”
2. “Becks and I are completely normal people from completely normal families.”
3. “I love my family.”
4. “I hate paparazzi and mean people and liars.”

But, I loved the Spice Girls, and I continue to be impressed by Victoria Beckham’s ability to be relevant and rise above the haters. And she’s having so much fun! Carry on, Posh.

*Posh definitely felt a need to defend herself, namely that she can do more than stand around in high heels and a tight black outfit.

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