25 books finished in 2011

25 books finished in 2011
Nanny Returns

Choosing books for vacation is always daunting – How much reading time do I think I’ll have? Will I be able to find/buy books if I finish all that I bring? Do I want to bring impressive books so that I look smarter while reading on the airplane?

Thankfully, I knew I’d need at least one beach read, and was so happy to stumble upon this one on sale in B&N. I read the first book by this duo when I was still in college – my favorite professor is the proud father of one of the authors – and subsequently went on a major Chick Lit binge.* After filling my head with impossible scenarios involving idealistic young women, insane bosses, and down-to-earth boyfriends popping into the storyline whenever our heroine needs a break, I had some unrealistic expectations about life after college, and basically had to take a break from Chick Lit. Until now. And I think it was absolutely perfect for the beach. The authors have a few young adult novels I haven’t heard of, so I may have to check those out soon.

This was a perfect beach book, which I did read on the beach, or during one of the many thunder storms that kept us off the beach. After I finished it, my friend borrowed it and finished it the next day. She said it was just like a soap opera.

It totally was. And I love a good soap opera.

*Book binges are a regular theme in my life – there were a few teenage years when I read everything ever written by Stephen King, The Summer of Austen, The Week I Read Five Harry Potter Books…

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