23 books finished in 2011

23 books finished in 2011

I almost didn’t start reading this book simply because I knew I’d have to take a photo of it for this project.

But when I saw a sample of the first chapter, which is ironically titled Don’t Quit Your Day Job, I knew it was exactly the book I needed to read exactly now.

Because I thought I’d be quitting my job this month. That was the plan: to give my notice and run off to France and come back and start a Shiny New Adventure Life. But when I attempted to assemble the pieces of this new life, they failed to come together, many times over. And not only do I believe firmly that my life has an Author who will not make it impossible for me to follow the plot, but I remembered that I actually like my office job much more than most people like their jobs. So I decided to re-negotiate with myself, and stay put, for as long as necessary, until the Official Mega Dream Job really does come along.

I know that was a wise decision, and I trust that it’s the best option for me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not majorly disappointed right now. Part of it is the rhythm of this college town – I’ve been here for 6 years, so most people my age are finishing their PhDs and moving away this year. I see other people moving off toward other things, and think that I must change something in order to…keep up.

So, this book was good for me, because it affirmed the wisdom of staying put and waiting for the best possible opportunity, but also because it challenged me to keep dreaming, to keep working, and to keep building so that I’ll be the person I need to be when that opportunity presents itself.

2 thoughts on “23 books finished in 2011

  1. I like this post, and I firmly believe in those Maggie dreams. The Mega Ultimate will come, but I acknowledge that peacefulness you have now. I agree that being at peace does not mean ignoring your disappointment or dreams but focusing on that Author of your plans. A lot of people miss that.

  2. I only read the first chapter, because it was the only part that was free. But I will look forward to the rest when my library hold comes through for me. I am holding out on day job myself for similar reasons – being able to say no to less than wonderful opportunities.

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