19 books finished in 2011

19 books finished in 2011
The Silver Chair (The Chronicles of Narnia Book 6)

There is stiff competition for My Favorite Narnia Book. It might change every time I re-read one. But, if someone was cruel and unwielding and forced me to choose a favorite, this would probably be it.

This time around, I found myself loving Puddleglum more than I ever have.

“Puddleglum’s my name. But it doesn’t matter if you forget it. I can always tell you again.”

That sums him up fairly well. Always expecting the worst, and not daring to hope for the best. Dreadfully pessimistic – and often quite creative in his predictions.

“There you are. Best we can do. You’ll lie cold and hard. Damp too, I shouldn’t wonder. Won’t sleep a wink, most likely; even if there isn’t a thunderstorm or a flood or a wigwam doesn’t fall down on top of us all, as I’ve known them to do.”

Isn’t he awful?

And yet, time after time, he proves himself to be trustworthy and courageous. He turns out to be the hero of the book!

I’m going to stop talking now, so I don’t give anything away. Also, I haven’t yet finished the last few pages, and want to get to that before my bedtime.

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