scene: this morning in the office

Co-worker: Maggie! Your dress! It is so cute! I feel like I should give you a corsage!

[Lengthy discussion about whether this means my dress is too fancy for work, and about my intricate yet unresolved feelings about ruffles. Resolved: the dress is fun and work-appropriate.]

Maggie (loudly, about to exit the office): However, if you gave me a corsage, I would TOTALLY wear it! It would be HILARIOUS! (exits office)

Male grad student (standing directly outside office door, and could apparently hear most if not all of previous conversation): Laughs openly at Maggie.

2 thoughts on “scene: this morning in the office

  1. Thanks, Darf! You can weigh in on the ruffles, and on what type of corsage would go best with them.

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