18 books finished in 2011

18 books finished in 2011
A Wind in the Door

I don’t think I’ve ever read this series, and since I was fully obsessed with Madeleine L’Engle’s non-fiction last year, I figured it was time to give them a try.

This one was totally “meh.” I feel like it was all over the place, and could barely keep track of all the plot developments. And then there was the whole issue of Meg, this maybe-early-teenage girl, already having this We Are One And The Same He Understands Me Like No Other relationship with Calvin, her neighbor who, for no apparent reason, the family tree at the beginning of the book lets me know will eventually be her husband. I mean, maybe my adolescent self would have wanted to know, and they’re totally chaste and sweet in their  Early Teenage Love, but in so many ways I feel like the characters in this book are taking on much more responsibility than they can handle.

Which is the moment that I realize I’ve totally become one of those Adults That Just Don’t Understand. Oy.

4 thoughts on “18 books finished in 2011

  1. So, I will say this is my least favorite of the Murry/O’Keefe books. But the think I like about it is the same thing I love about all of them, which is perhaps cheesy, but: the answer is always radical love. Like, love, super-hard, regardless, and you will come out ok.

    As I said on Twitter, try the Austin books if you’re off the woo-woo talking snakes and mitochondria and time travel and whatnot.

  2. Have you read ‘A Wrinkle in Time’? It’s the first one in that series, and I think it’s better. Still strange and all, but my favorite of that series, and as I recall the storyline was a bit easier to follow.

    So sad that they have a stupid family tree that gives away the Meg-and-Calvin thing…. I hate it when plot points are spoiled for me.

    Maybe I should try some of her non-fiction –I’ve never read any, though I’ve heard rave reviews. Any particular suggestions?

  3. I read Wrinkle in Time first, and that one wasn’t nearly as odd.

    For non-fiction, you should read The Crosswick Journals. Start with A Circle of Quiet.

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