I’m not only Woo!

Remember when I read StrengthsFinder simply because my roommate predicted I’d be Woo? Here’s your reminder.

This past weekend, while I was visiting my friend Rebecca, I noticed the book on her shelf, and picked it up to discover her strengths. One of her top five is Futuristic, and in the description it mentions that she should look for Activators to work with, since they will taker her ideas and run with them. Which so perfectly explains our friendship – we sit around brainstorming, and she’ll come up with a crazy brilliant idea, I’ll marinate with it for a bit and then send her emails with streams of resources/suggestions/ideas that drive that dream into the realm of reality.

Not that I think StrengthsFinder is the answer to everything in the universe, but it was exciting for me to realize that all of these studies and reports were playing out in our lives. I wonder about the people who developed these theories, and tested them, and spent so many years of their lives trying to understand/explain how to maximize our own strengths and synergize with the strengths of other (it’s entirely possible I shouted “Synergy!” and pumped my fist in the air when I read that Futuristic-Activator link to her) – I’m sure they get such joy, seeing the ways in which their research is helping guide others.

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