It started with a turkey carcass.

(Since we’re moving this month, I’m trying to cook all the random food in our freezer. I believe this particular carcass was set aside for me by Emily, when she made the Thanksgiving feast for her visiting parents.)

I pulled out a stew pot and started heating a bit of olive oil.

Digging around in the fridge, I found half of a red onion and half a bag of baby carrots. Chopped them both up and threw them into the pot.

While they were sizzling, I rooted around in the cupboards, looking for some sort of legume.

When the onions and carrots had done their work, I added diced tomatoes (the last two cans), the frozen turkey, the beans, and some bay leaves.

I added enough water to cover the carcass, and let it start boiling.

Thirty minutes later, I lowered it to a simmer.

Now for the fun part – I fished out all the pieces of the carcass, put them in a big bowl, and once they cooled I pulled off all the meat, returning it to the soup.

At this point, I realized that I’d added way too much water. I let it cook down a bit longer, and then added some rice.

Once I finally ate a bowl, the house smelled amazing, but the soup was a bit bland. It needed salt to bring out those flavors!

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