unexpected victory

This dress took a few hours to make, using a mis-sized, partially-made dress I had laying around. I actually made it in a fit of desperation leading up to a bridal shower where I knew very few people and expected them all to be insanely trendy.

(Rarely do such endeavors work out so positively. I have thrown away MANY “fit of desperation” sewing projects.)

There are so many things about this that are imperfect. A few of them will be corrected next time around, though I’ll probably create new imperfections in the process.

I’m wearing it today, as a skirt, which is the way I’ve worn it multiple times this winter, layered with various tights, t-shirts, sweaters. To me, the simple fact that I’m constantly pulling this out of my closet and pairing it with different things means it’s a wardrobe victory.

I think I’ll make another version this weekend, out of wild floral fabric that has been teasing me since I bought it.

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